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IGT(Ideal Group Training)

Ideal Group Training at Ideal Strength & Fitness is designed to have a multi-faceted approach to fitness that brings aspects of Personal Training (sets, reps, progression, structure, etc.) and aspects of Team Training/Bootcamp (intervals, athletics, circuits, conditioning, etc.) in a moderate sized group environment. Monday-Friday IGT sessions cap out at 16 customers, but groups will train at any size. On Saturday's, we offer our most challenging and versatile Large Bootcamp session that uses every inch of our facility and during the warmer months some outside activities. Saturday's Large Bootcamp caps out at 32 Customers. 


Sessions consist of a Dynamic Warm Up. Main Strength Workout and sometimes additional challenges like core, mobility and cardio exercises in a 1 Hour Training Block. Typical Workout time is 40-50 minutes. At the end of your session, you will be encouraged to perform optional body maintenance (stretching, foam rolling, etc.). By having an active membership, you also gain access to doing our monthly programming home if that is more convenient for you. You will be using bodyweight & you will be using various pieces of equipment like; barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, sleds, and much more.


ISF Coaches will demonstrate, guide, assist, modify and much more.


With consistent workouts and a healthy diet, you will develop and/or maintain a wide range of fitness skills and be able to maintain various levels of physical activity for longer periods of time. Building muscle and fat loss will also be another benefit when diet and training are point.


Currently offering Memberships & Group Packages. 30 Day Cancellation Policy on memberships. No Contract. No Refunds. Packages will expire after 1 Calendar Year.

Scheduling IGT will be done through our website or through our app.


*Current & Former Military Veteran's receive a 10% discount on IGT & IPT Programs*

Please contact Coach Mike at to join the ISF IGT program or if you have any questions about our services.

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