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Established in 2016, Ideal Strength & Fitness has been training the Morris Plains Community & the surrounding area on becoming stronger and healthier.

ISF is a 4000sqft "Training" focused "Private" fitness studio. ISF offers our own designed group training program the "Ideal50", Personal Training & Saturday Bootcamp. In most big box fitness centers, your money is spent on a membership and you are left with figuring out what to do. What makes ISF stand out is the fact that your investment is with fitness coaches that will train, guide and help you reach your fitness goals. Our Fitness Coaches are friendly, knowledgeable and here to provide you with results. You will always be working with a Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach. 

Our Members are driven, friendly and what makes our Fitness Studio the best in Morris County.

"2021 Morris/Essex Health & Fitness Magazine Business of the Year"

"2020 Morristown Patch Business Of The Year"

"2020 Neighborhood App Business Of The Year"

"2018 Morris County Daily Record Best Of The Best"




Our Group program is designed to offer the benefits of Personal Training in a group environment. We will make you stronger & healthier so that you can tackle everyday obstacles. You will be using all types of equipment like Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Suspensions Bands, Sliders, Barbells and much more! Group training typically has a Warm Up, Main Workout Focus for the day and a Finisher/METCON/Challenge section to really push your endurance at the end of your session.  Sessions are about 45 to 50 minutes and is currently limited to 12 Customers.

Weekend Bootcamp

The ISF Weekend Bootcamp is a part of our Group Program. We will be using the entire gym and cranking the intensity way up! You could be doing a circuit then an obstacle course or possibly athletic drill followed by a cardio circuit. ISF Bootcamp is an hour long and is currently limited to 24 people.

Bootcamp may be indoors ,outside or a combination of outdoor and indoor.

Personal TraininG

If you are someone the prefers to work alone or has specific goals for yourself, then Personal Training at ISF is the right choice for you. We train our customers for all types of reasons like; Quality of Life, Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Strength Training, Military PFT, Tough Mudders and much more.

ISF Fitness Coaches will also design specific training programs for customers to use on their own. Prices vary depending upon needs. 

Online Programming

ISF offers both online programming for our active Group Training/ Bootcamp members and for people at home. If you cannot make it into a class, you will also have access to the written daily workout that can be performed at home. 

Virtual PT

ISF also offers online Personal Training (Zoom, Facetime, Duo, etc.) Virtual PT price will vary depending upon commitment and time needed.


If you want to look better, feel better & perform better, then take a look at how nutritional counseling can help you get there!

Carole Soder, is a NASM PT & Certified Nutrition Counselor. Please check out her website for information on how she can help you!


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ISF Coaches

Michael Eskin

Owner, ISF Fitness Coach


Kim Boyer

ISF Fitness Coach


Andrea Coriddi

Owner, ISF Fitness Coach


Carole Soder
ISF Fitness Coach
NASM CPT & Nutritional Counseler

Sabrina Tomasino

ISF Fitness Coach


Lorraine Oppermann
ISF Fitness Coach


Customer Testimonials


Maggie Mclean

The owner and trainers are amazing! Makes everyone feel like part of the family. The classes are perfect for any level of physical ability with no judgement. Could not be happier to be apart of ISF for the past year!

Keren Teitelbaum

I did personal training with Mike for a year. Fun & challenging workouts in an ultra clean and friendly environment, with top notch equipment. Every session was customized and tailored to my needs. I cant wait to try the Bootcamp next! Mike and the staff truly care about their clients and the Ideal Strength & Fitness community.

Dillon Hoover

I have been going to ISF since the summer and I love every class I have taken! Each one is different and challenging, so you never get the same workout twice. During each class there are exercises for every part of the body—arms, legs, core, etc. I also do the personal training with Mike and he has done an amazing job at listening to what my goals are and catering each session towards meeting them. I am so glad I cancelled my chain gym membership because I get a lot more out of my membership here. I would definitely recommend ISF to anyone looking for an awesome workout!

Christine Kelly

I have been a member for 3 1/2 years and continue to be challenged in every class. The trainers stress safety, proper form, and provide modifications so the classes work for all fitness levels. Prices are extremely reasonable and there are different plans, depending on how often you can attend. Owners Mike and Andrea and all of the trainers are fantastic - knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging. Can't say enough good things about them. It's a really welcoming community for all fitness levels and ages. I drive 45 minutes to attend classes because ISF is the best around. Try a class - you won't regret it!

Stacey Phillips

Definitely a 5 star facility. ISF is the place to be. So glad I found them. Everyone makes you feel at home and comfortable. Best bootcamp style facility you’ll ever find.

Common Questions

Q: "What exactly is a typical group session like?"

A: "Normally, you will start of with an active warm-up. You will then execute the main workout for the day which is normally a circuit involving various forms of strength training. Then the real challenge begins by ending the class with a Finisher consisting of cardio, core, drills and more!" 

Q: "Training can be intense, how do I keep up?"

A: "ISF Coaches are here to encourage you, but always go at your own pace, pick up intensity when you feel you can work hard while maintaining excellent form and increase weights when needed."

Q: "How big is a typical session?"

A: "Sessions always vary in size depending on the time of day. Max size is limited to 12 during the weekdays and 24 for the Weekend Bootcamp."

Q: "What should I bring to ISF?"

A: "You should always bring a water bottle, towel and proper workout attire. You may also bring gloves, jump rope, mat, wrist wraps, etc."

Q: "Do you provide nutritional counseling, measurements, etc.?"

A: "ISF is currently in the process of introducing nutritional counseling."

Contact ISF

Normal Operating Hours

Monday ~ 5:45 AM - 7:30PM

Tuesday ~ 5:45AM - 7:30PM

Wednesday ~ 5:45AM - 7:30PM

Thursday ~ 5:45AM - 7:30PM

Friday ~ 5:45AM - 6:30PM

Saturday ~ 7:45AM -11:15AM

Personal Training hours can be at any hour and day.

Independent Contractors welcome!

Please contact if you are interested in making ISF "YOUR" place to train "YOUR" customers!

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