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Personal Training


If you are someone the prefers to work alone or has specific goals for yourself, then Private Personal Training at ISF is the right choice for you. Our training coaches work with all different types of people with varying levels of fitness at many different age ranges. We train our customers for all types of reasons like:


  •  Quality of Life

  • Weight Loss

  • Muscle Building

  • Strength Training

  • Military PFT

  • Athletic Events

  • Many More Reasons


You will work directly with a certified personal trainer towards your goals. ISF has accommodation for morning, daytime, evening and weekend training. Training with a friend or another ISF customer is also available is also available for reduced rates. Please contact for more info.

Signing up for Personal Training is a 3 Month Commitment. No Refunds. Cancellations or make ups will be coordinated with your trainer. At the end of 3 months, we will coordinate with you on continuing.

**ISF also offer Semi-Private Training which is 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 training in a private group. You can discuss this with the your trainer to see if this is a good option.**

*ISF will soon be offering Semi-Private Training blocks where you can train with a Personal Trainer to coordinate and assist your session while working with 1 or 2 other customers. This will allow ISF to offer you a full Personal Training session at a reduced cost. Keep on the lookout!**

Online Coaching & Virtual PT

ISF also offers online coaching & virtual personal training for local and long distance customers. With Online Coaching, you can work directly with an ISF Certified Personal Trainer with monthly workout planning depending upon your goals. Usually this type of coaching is great for people who have the means to work on their own, but need help with structuring their workout routines. Packages will vary depending upon commitment. Please contact for more info.

Virtual PT is a great option for someone who cannot come to ISF but is also happy working out alone in there home. You might need to have some equipment depending upon your goals.

Online Coaching can be combined with Virtual PT and/or Personal Training. Please the Contact ISF area below for any Personal Training questions or any other questions you kight have. 

Contact ISF

Open by Appointment


Class Schedule

Personal Training hours can be at any hour and day.

Independent Contractors welcome!

Please contact if you are interested in making ISF "YOUR" place to train "YOUR" customers!

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