Personal Training

If you are looking for a personalized & private workout experience, then Personal Training at ISF is the right choice for you! 


The main focus of Personal Training is YOU specifically. The advantage of working one on one with a Personal Trainer, is that the fitness session will be specifically catered towards your individual needs and to make sure you get the most out of your time. We have different levels of personal training available for people that have very limited time, are beginners, advanced, etc. We have worked with clients getting ready for their ARMY PFT, overseas soccer, Spartan Races, quality of life, etc. We have clients from all different backgrounds and all different age groups.


Make a permanent change, not a temporary fix. Working with an ISF Coach will get you on track to sustainable long term goals. 

ISF does offer more specialized training for extreme cases, athletes, groups, injuries and much more!

Stretch/Percussion Therapy

Ideal Strength & Fitness, is now also offering Stretch/Percussion Therapy. You will work with a Certified Personal Trainer at ISF to become more flexible and gain the relief of Percussion Therapy with the help of a Percussion Tool.
This therapy can be a part of your personal training protocol or can be standalone service. 
Make sure to ask about this service when inquiring about Personal Training.