Small Group Training

Ideal Strength & Fitness will soon be transitioning our Larger Team Training Program into our "New" Small Group Training(SGT) Program at a future date. The ISF SGT Program is designed to give you the benefits of Personal Training with up to 6 people at much more affordable value. Personal Training rates in this area average about $75 a session and in some areas even higher at $100 or more per hour. SGT will be great for people who like Personal training, like or are open to training with others and want an affordable option to Personal Training.

In our Small Groups, you will be focusing on getting stronger, building or maintaining muscle, training to assist fat loss, learning new skills and much more. ( Disclaimer: Weight gain or loss will depend upon your diet) 

A typical Small Group Training session will consist of:

  • Compound Barbell Movements

  • Calisthenic or Weighted Calisthenic Movements

  • Varied Equipment like: Dumbbells, Bands, Kettlebells, Sleds etc.

  • Monthly Programming

  • Full Body Training Periods

  • PPL Training Periods

Small Group Training Sessions will be offered in a 1 Hour Session slot but workout completion will range from 40-60 Minutes. 

Currently offering Unlimited & Customized Membership options. Group packages are available as well. Please us the Contact ISF area below for any questions in regards to Small Group Training or if you have any other questions. 

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Personal Training hours can be at any hour and day.

Independent Contractors welcome!

Please contact if you are interested in making ISF "YOUR" place to train "YOUR" customers!

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