Small Group Training(SGT)

Here at Ideal Strength & Fitness, our Fitness Coaches have working on a way to give you the benefits of a personal training session at a much more affordable prices without sacrificing the advantages of working individually with a Fitness Coach.

ISF is now offering Small Group Training to everyone! Our Fitness Coaches will teaching and helping you execute exercises to help get you stronger, build muscle and become over all healthier.

SGT Benefits


  • Fundamental Compound Exercises

  • Isolation Movesets

  • Calisthenics Skills

  • Body Weight Strength Training

  • Proper Structure

  • More affordable than Personal Training

  • and much more!

* By joining the ISF SGT Program, you can also receive Unlimited Bootcamp

at a reduced price. Please contact for more information *

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: "Will I be able to handle the SGT Program?"

A: "Yes! The SGT Program is designed for all fitness levels. Remember to always try your best to learn and practice safe exercise habits. ISF Coaches will teach you everything!" 

Q: "How big is a typical SGT class?"

A: "Classes always vary in size depending on the time of day. Average will be 2-4 people. Max of 6.

Q: "What should I bring to class?"

A: "You should always bring a water bottle, towel and proper workout attire. You may also bring gloves, mat, wrist wraps, etc. ISF provides equipment and we have a water fountain."

Q: "Do you provide nutritional counseling, measurements, etc.?"

A: "ISF will provide basic nutritional knowledge & we do have a body fat scale. There is a lot of free information available and ISF coaches do not want to charge you for something you can find anywhere!"