Welcome to the BEST BOOTCAMP in Morris County! ISF's Bootcamp program is designed to be very challenging, fun and progressive with the purpose of having you achieve a balanced overall fitness foundation. We are now offering more than 35 Bootcamps per week and sessions are 45 minutes. So make sure to come in with a killer instinct and a positive attitude.

We will be using various pieces of equipment including Kettlebells, Dumbells, Suspension TRX's, Rowers, Body Weight, BOSU Balls, Sliders, Medicine Balls and much more.

You will be performing exercises with the equipment above in timed intervals, circuits, METCON's, AMRAP's, Tabata's and other styles.

By using the techniques above and with the equipment provided, you will become stronger, more powerful, build more muscle and have the endurance to tackle lifes obstacles.

With a healthy diet and the ISF Bootcamp, you will be in your best shape ever! 

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: "Will I be able to handle the Ideal Bootcamp?"

A: "Yes! The Ideal Bootcamp is designed for all fitness levels. Remember to always try your best to learn and practice safe exercise habits. ISF Coaches will teach you everything!" 

Q: "The classes are intense, how do I keep up?"

A: "ISF Coaches are here to encourage you, but always go at your own pace and pick up intensity when you feel you can work hard while maintaining excellent form.

Q: "How big is a typical Bootcamp class?"

A: "Classes always vary in size depending on the time of day. Sometimes there will be 3 Bootcampers and sometimes there could be 15. No matter what come on in and get an awesome workout!"

Q: "What should I bring to class?"

A: "You should always bring a water bottle, towel and proper workout attire. You may also bring gloves, jump rope, mat, wrist wraps, etc. ISF provides equipment and we have a water fountain."

Q: "Do you provide nutritional counseling, measurements, etc.?"

A: "ISF will provide basic nutritional knowledge & we do have a body fat scale. There is a lot of free information available and ISF coaches do not want to charge you for something you can find anywhere!"