Group Training/ Bootcamp

Welcome to the BEST BOOTCAMP in Morris County!

What makes ISF stand out and what makes us different?

ISF's Group Training/ Bootcamp program is designed to be very challenging, fun and progressive with the purpose of having you achieve a balanced overall fitness foundation. Sessions are about 45 minutes and during that time, you will be working on becoming stronger, healthier and more athletic to tackle everyday obstacles. Our classes are taught by Nationally Accredited Certified Fitness Coaches. Everyday is completely different and we use a bunch of different equipment like; Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Suspension TRX's, Rowers, Body Weight, BOSU Balls, Sliders, Medicine Balls and much more. Sessions are capped at 10 people during the week which allows us to watch your form and make sure you are executing exercises correctly. The goal is for you to work your entire body multiple times during the weekdays.


On the weekends, our sessions will be almost an hour, have multiple fitness coaches, will involve using the entire gym and sometimes training outside. The goal of these weekend sessions is to have larger session sizes times, allow people to make up sessions and try out some crazy stuff that we don't normally do during the week to take you out of your comfort zone.

Most large fitness facilities have large classes with sometimes up to 40 or 50 people in them. The focus of these classes seem to be more about the instructor being more of an entertainer than a coach. Usually these instructors are trained specifically for the exact studio program and most of them are not Certified Trainers. Meaning no matter where you go to, the classes are very close to the same. Zumba is still Zumba no matter where you go and Group strength is still Group Strength. Also, very minimal if any equipment is used.

*Another awesome benefit to being an ISF Bootcamp Member is access to our online written workouts. Even if you cannot make it into Bootcamp, you can always go onto our app and do the workouts from the comfort of your own home.*

** ISF Bootcamps have a Monthly Membership & Longer Term Membership at a reduced rate. These longer term memberships can be paid in full or in monthly payments**

With a healthy diet and the ISF Bootcamp, you will be in your best shape ever! 

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: "What exactly is a typical session like?"

A: "Normally, you will start of with an active warm-up. You will then execute the main workout for the day which is normally a circuit involving various forms of strength training. Then the real challenge begins by ending the class with a Finisher consisting of cardio, core, drills and more!" 

Q: "The classes are intense, how do I keep up?"

A: "ISF Coaches are here to encourage you, but always go at your own pace, pick up intensity when you feel you can work hard while maintaining excellent form and increase weights when needed."

Q: "How big is a typical Bootcamp class?"

A: "Classes always vary in size depending on the time of day. Max size is limited to 10 during the weekdays and 16 during the weekends."

Q: "What should I bring to class?"

A: "You should always bring a water bottle, towel and proper workout attire. You may also bring gloves, jump rope, mat, wrist wraps, etc."

Q: "Do you provide nutritional counseling, measurements, etc.?"

A: "Most trainers can provide basic nutritional conseling."