Featured Partnerships


Warrior Strong Inc.


Warrior Strong is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. Their mission is to provide services to Veterans & their immediate families. Some of their services are free fitness classes, free personal trainer certifications, occupational and mental health therapy, veteran support groups and much more. Go to warriorstrong.org for more information.

U Reformed Pilates


Janine’s began her Pilates practice in the year 2000. She was hooked immediately. The Pilates Method made her feel strong, open and a freedom was found in her body she had never experienced in another form of exercise.  After many years of practicing Pilates she decided to teach it in order to share her love for the method with others.

Janine completed her initial comprehensive certification through Yoga Works, learning to teach on all the apparatus. This was only the beginning of her learning; she has taken numerous continuing education workshops delving deep into the work. she is a graduate of The Red Thread Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training with Kathryn Ross -Nash. She continues weekly Private lessons with Ms. Ross -Nash. In addition she takes weekly lessons with Brett Howard.


Sons of Liberty Survival Outfitters


To promote Sustainable Living, encourage a Skilled Community, and prepare Law-Abiding Citizens, Families, & Communities to protect their Life, Liberty, and Property. At Sons of Liberty Survival Outfitters, your Safety, Sustainability, and Freedom are our utmost concerns. We will connect you to Patriotic, Hardworking Neighbors, Servicemen, Skilled Instructors, and Community Businesses enabling you to access the Tools, Skills, Resources, and Community necessary for Survival. Discounts are offered through partnership businesses. Please go to sonsoflibertyso.com for more information.